"Dawg Daze" Publications Does It "One More Time"


Page last screwed up: 21 February 2000

Welcome to the "virgin" Linkou Humor page - with your support and willingness to except a little good natured "kidding" (and to give some) we can turn this page into something you will be embarrassed to show your friends.

I've taken the liberty of adding the first story to give an example of what we are looking for and to get the humor going. Your story doesn't have be "first person" in nature (or 2nd or 3rd for that part). It can be a "heresay story" pointing out things that happened on base, downtown, or in your the barracks room if that's as far as you could get after work. Check my first story out and you'll get the idea.

One last thing - by sending in your story(s), you are giving us "blanket permission" to print your name and/or nickname. Let's face it guys, if you did something 30+ years ago that you are still embarrassed about - I, personally, would want it printed on the front page of the Washington Post or the National Enquirer so my Mother could read it.

It is our intent to eventually break these pages down into various subject areas like "Sports Humor" - "Bar Humor" - "Girlfriend Humor" - "Good/Bad Boss Humor" - and soforth. In the meantime, we'll just "wing it" until we get our feet on the ground. Let's get it going - go to one of the following links to see if your memory and sense of humor are still functioning.

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