USAFSS 6987TH SG, Shulinkou AS, Taipei, Taiwan

Shulinkou Air Station Photos
1957 to 1958

Updated 09 April 2013 / Added 06 Jan 2000

Gary Scorby's 1957 and 1958 photos of Shulinkou Air Station.

A2C Gary Scorby 1958. Shown are the swimming pool fence and pool house (on right),
corrugated metal, open-bay barracks (left) and antennas on the back side of base (background).

  Gary Scorby (1957-58): "Notice the letter in my left shirt pocket (in the photo above)? That was from be wife-to-be at that time and now 51 years of marriage later. I took marriage counciling from Major Stark. He came out of his office to see me and said, 'It isn't one of these bar girls is it?' I said, 'No sir, it's a girl back home'. He said, 'Oh well, come on into my office. I chuckled silently..." [24 Apr 2010]

(1.) Orderly Room.   (2.) Orderly Room on NE corner of base.   (3.) Looking SW at Main Gate.

(1.) Front of barracks looking toward Main Gate.   (2.) Gary Scorby's barracks looking west.   (3.) Shot taken at the back door of Gary Scorby's barracks. John Denver (center background) is wearing T-shirt and stretching. The two wearing uniforms (far right) are Jack Lyons (back to camera) and SSgt. Mike Weir. All others are "unidentified".

(1.) (L-R) "Bo"..., "unidentified", and Jim (?).   (2.) Jack Lyons, who traveled to Taiwan with Gary Scorby from Clark Air Base, PI.   (3.) Jim and John Hallem.

(1.) Back of barracks looking north toward Main Gate.   (2.) SE corner of base. Old Chow Hall and Operations Compound behind.
(3.) Old Chow Hall and Operations to the right.

(1.) 1957 shot of the Linkou Chapel, which was the first permanent building on base.   (2.) 1958 shot of the Linkou Swimming Pool being hand dug by Taiwanese workers. "The Last Resort" (US Army NCO Club) is in the background.   (3.) 1958 shot of the newly completed pool through the chain-link fence surrounding it.

(1., 2. & 3.) 1957/58 shots of Taipei and pedicabs (right photos).

(1.) Jim Perry in front of the Linkou Club Annex in Taipei.   (2.) Round telephone shack.   (3.) Gary Scorby's bunk with mosquito netting hanging above it.

(1.) Digging a trench for the communications line on base. In the trench facing the camera is Jack Morris (foreground). All others are "unidentified".   (2.) 1957/58 shot of Airman Kubeck standing next to a trench being dug for a communication line between the DF Site (off to the left of photo) and the Operations Center. The other airmen working in the trench are "unidentified". Several months later in Oct. 1958, a U.S. Army Nike missile site was located at the end of the old Japanese airstrip (on left) in the distance on the right. (The Quemoy Crisis started on Aug. 23, 1958.)   (3.) Gary Scorby (right) with the view looking west across the Taiwan Strait toward China. (Airman on left is "unidentified".)