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Can any "upstanding" (still standing after a rough night at the 77 Club or OK Bar) Linkouite {a.k.a. ) honestly say that he spent his entire tour at ShuLinKou doing everything that he would be proud to tell his "religious guidance counselor"?

Unless your "guidance counselor" was a I doubt it. And could we consider some of those uncouth oversights humorous or better yet, downright "hilarious"?

You've come to the right place because we want you to go to "confession" by telling all about those "humorous" things you did or saw somebody else do. And you need not have been directly involved - if you were the "lookout" while your buddy made a fool of himself, turn him in (to us).

Our goal is to print anything and everything humorous about our "daze" at the 6987th, downtown Taipei, and all points in between. And it's going to take some of your "morbid" memories to make this one of those "gotta check it everyday" sites. As I remember my "daze" at the '87th, we did things that seemed serious at the time but now that we are over the legal drinking age, we view them differently.

Let's hear it! If looks "funny", smells "funny" then, chances are, it is. Let us be the judge - get out the pens, typewriters, or crayons (if you are into those things) and let us know. And don't worry about somebody finding out about your indescretions, send them to us and we'll make sure they do. Also, don't pay any attention to your grammer, spelling, or use of those 4-letter words. We have a crew of little folks in robes who will gratefully edit each and every input. Send your story to:


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