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Jim "Lemmon" LaMont writes: that in circa '63-'65 ShuLinkou had a pair of rather unusual Chaplains. The first, our Catholic Chaplain, was a heck of a nice guy but spent a little too much time in the NCO Stag bar doing what all good "Irish" men did. And to add to the problem, we had an older SSgt assigned in those days (I believe the last name was "Majewski") who was, no kidding, a 2 or 3 year reject from a seminary.

"Ski" and the Chaplain had two things in common, both could put away lots of Scotch and "discuss" some heavy religion, which both did with a passion. I remember that it was not unusual for us to hit the club around 11pm before going to do a "grave" and see those two at the end of the bar having a rather intelligent conversation (both sober). And it wouldn't be unusual for them to be in the same seats when we finished at 7am.

Regretfully, the "Catholic Chaplain" of which I speak was finally declared "persona non gratis" by the Base Commander after a complaint was filed (by some plick) because he was actively involved in "the framing of the numerous PlayBoy PlayMate pics hung around the Bar". To bad, he was somebody who really cared about the "troops" and, more often than not, acted like one. It sure brings back memories to envision him and "Ski" sitting there at the bar (totally wasted) when we showed up around 7:30 or so to catch the downtown "smoker".

The other (Protestant) Chaplain was a young guy (as far as Chaplains go) who had about as much excuse for being a Chaplain as I did. To be honest, I never saw or met this gentleman until I saw him playing in a band at the 63 Club and someone said that he used to be the Chaplain on the hill (just a month or so before). It seems he caught a case of Non Specific Utheriri . . Uthera. . .hell, "the clap" and in the best interests of all concerned he resigned his commission. Luckily, the guy was pretty good on the drums and became part of a band touring the military club circuit.

Considering the clientele our Chapel up on the hill had to draw from, I can understand the quality of our Chaplains being what it was. Actually, the Catholic Chaplain was my kind of guy - someone you could get drunk with and trust around your wife.

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